Tuesday, August 31, 2010

How to Prevent Family Members from Drinking Your Sodapop

Now I know my blog's titled "Things From The Internet", and this is more like personal advice, but meh, it's technically on the internet now! So who's to say I didn't travel forward in time to after I posted it, grabbed it from the internet, and posted it on here :O

Anyways, on to the post. So, you've just bought a nice fresh bottle of Pepsi or your other favorite fizzy drink, and you want it to stay all nice and fizzy as well as well refrigerated. But you've got one of those families that just eat and drink whatever's in the fridge and don't respect your property. Well, here's a solution for you! You're gonna need a piece of paper, scissors, tape, and a writing utensil.

Step 1: Cut off side of the paper so that it is about the width of the pen (or a bit less)

Step 2: Write some nasty title for your new fake label. I labeled mine Cat Piss, get creative!

Step 3: Carefully tape the label to your bottle of pop and you're finished! Now no one will dare to touch your sacred drink.

You can even add a level indicator so that you can keep track of your drink in case someone decides to feel lucky and ignore your warning.

Thanks for reading this post and I hope your fizzy drinks stay cool and fizzy!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Fat Guy Doing Absolutely Nothing

Well to be fair he's eating a bag of chips. Just posting this video to inspire a little bit of motivation for you guys, to, you know, not end up like this guy. This should be the rock bottom indicator for all you lazy procrastinators out there who just can't get shit done. If you start looking remotely like this dude, layin' on your back, munching on a bag of crunchies and doin' absolutely nothing, SLAP YOURSELF IN THE FACE, and go do something.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

How To Ninja

So you've always wanted to be a ninja your entire life, but you live in your mom's basement, are too skinny and/or too fat, are weak as hell, have no motivation to learn any sort of matial arts, are too poor to afford the proper attire/weaponry, and any other minor setback you may have. Well, don't fret, young padawan! This is just the right lifehack for you! This sacred diagram which has been passed down from the most ancient of generations will show you how you can dress up yourself as a masterful ninja and scare your opponent from even to wanting to face your deadly (lack of) skills.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Justin Bieber Hits Head On Revolving Door

Teen sensation Justin Bieber displays his true lack of door opening capabilities. While attempting to push open a revolving door and at the same time look sensational, the 16 year old bafoon impacted his head directly into the revolving door. He then proceeded to "laugh it off" like the bafoon that he is. Lulz understandibly ensued among the unfortunate individuals who were probably paid insane amounts of money to be seen with him.

Ledge Flip Fail

This, gentlemen, is a video that provides fine evidence of sheer stupidity of certain individuals that inhabit our planet. An individual in this particular video has attempted to perform an action commonly referred to as a backflip from a ledge, but due to his high lack of proffesional skill, said individual plumets into the hard cement with his face. Lulz understandably ensued.